About Me

Hello! My name is Deb Lieu and I'm a self-taught baker and freelance photographer -born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.  I’m obsessed with creative possibilities and bringing imaginative new ideas to life.  I'm also an obsessive baker, I love knitting, arts & crafts, and other Do-It-Yourself projects. Throughout the years my love of crafts and baking served as a tactile creative outlet and I'm now lucky enough to be able to create for a living.


Deb Lieu Bakes was initially born from, and continually inspired by my love of craft beer. I initially started making beer inspired desserts and treats to share with friends and favourite brewers in Melbourne. From there its taken off and continues to grow each year and has given me opportunities to work with the craft beer industry, weddings, tourism industry, cafes & restaurants, corporate gifting, kids parties and so much more.

I reached two small milestones in 2018 having had my first ever craft market stall at Moon Dog Brewery and cookies sold at G.A.B.S Festival. In 2019 I became a 'Beer Nut' and was also nominated to ring the GABS Festival opening Bell - what an honour! In 2021 I co-hosted my first Good Beer Week even with Kaiju! Beer teaching guests how to make their own royal icing cookies. I am excited to see what's to come.

 - - - - - 

With a background studies in Photography, she's always had an eye for detail and love the creative process and design.  She now pulls from her vast and varied creative experiences to help clients and their products stand out through the unexpected medium of food art. Deb Lieu Bakes combines a love of baking and creative expression with royal icing and buttercream and specialise in bespoke cookies and cakes that are all about creativity and fun (and sometimes bad puns).  Each cookie and cake is handcrafted, hand painted and made with love.


What some may think of as a humble sugar cookie, can be elevated into a spectacular showpiece, a cupcake can have personality, and a cake can tell a story.  Food art has the ability to capture attention, draw people in, delight and surprise. Contact us to discover how we can help your business or function stand out by using highly-customized, dessert-driven content to highlight the delectable benefits of your products and craveable aspects of your brand through a uniquely engaging experience. All products are made from fresh, quality ingredients and our delicious cookies & cakes will make you come back for more! 

 - - - - -  

Get in touch and say hello! I hope this little world of mine will add a splash of colour & sweetness to your life. Thanks for dropping by.  

- Deb x


People we've worked with:

Beer Baroness Brewery (NZ) Mountain Goat Brewery 

Moon Dog Brewery

CNV Liquor Distribution

Edge Brewing Co

G.A.B.S Festival

Froth Magazine

Cryer Malt
Mr. West
Crafty Merch

Bonehead Brewing

Pin Oak Beer & Wine
Hop Nation Brewing Co

Two Rupees Brewing Co

DaveFest '19

Bucket Boys Craft Beer  Co

 Ale Of a Time

Brews News

Devils Elbow Brewing
Boatrocker Brewing Co.

Mr Banks Brewing Co.
Slow Beer 
Brite Collective 

Brewers Feast

Exit Brewing Co.

Kaiju! Beer

Keeping Local Alive / Crafty Pint

Milawa Cheese Company

Told You So Cafe

Red Bull Australia
The Lakes College - Cafe

Denmark House
Made in Season
Twisted Dessert Bar
Bad Love Club

Canteen Cafe


Hipster Whale
Territory Expeditions
Blue T, Tech Specialist 

 Xero tm 
Dresden Optics

Canterbury Girls S.C
Outre Gallery

Leaf Store


Christ Church G. S

Evie Barrow