The Cookies

Baked in small batches and completely made from scratch, each cookie is then hand-decorated and topped with a sweet layer of royal icing. I will collaborate with you ​to bring your cookie vision to life and create the perfect customized treats for your next event. 

The Cakes

​All products are freshly baked to order, using only the most fine quality ingredients so we can guarantee that the final product will not only look beautiful but taste delicious too.

Cakes and cupcakes are baked in the week of/ a couple of days before your event to ensure moisture and freshness.​

The Ingredients

We use only the free-range eggs available,  highest quality butter and premium locally sourced ingredients in all our cookies and cakes. Desserts are baked fresh and custom order to ensure maximum freshness. 

Price Guide

Royal Icing Cookies
At Deb Lieu Bakes we use a gingerbread base. We are currently recipe testing and if all goes well, there will new flavours added soon!


MINI SIZE (approximately 2in)


Basic cookie $2.50

Detailed $3.00 - $4.00

More elaborate design $4.50+

STANDARD SIZE (approximately 3.5/4in)


Basic cookie $4.00

Detailed cookie $5.00

More elaborate design $6.50

I do not make fondant cookies and only use fondant for small accents, however will happily adapt any fondant ideas into a design in Royal Icing.